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Pascals Hint

The question has arisen for those of you who have not found the formula for Er(n) whether to go ahead and write up your IA with the work you've done.  I asked for guidance from some of my IB gurus and they said "don't have them write it up without the formula".  They also said this:
    If I give you hints but you write it up, it can still be considered your work.
    If I straight up give you the answer, then presumably it cannot.
So here are my strongest hints which I hope you will find enlightening.  Lacsap is Pascal spelled backwards.  There is a famous triangle that Blaise Pascal explored that has lots of interesting patterns.  I think you will find the numerator pattern if you explore Pascal's triangle.  Try this website:  For the denominator take a look at the pattern that is created by r(n - r).   Coupled with your results for the numerator, you may find what you're after.

Please email me if that doesn't help,
Mr. Alei
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