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HL1 - 10/5/15

You can log in your notebook that we're moving on exponentially. Mostly solidifying background - things you've seen but may not have applied in these ways. See you in class!
Mr. Alei

HL Year 1: Week of 10/5/2015              (Previous Week - 9/28/15)

Mon 10/5:
4A: #1kl,3il,5,6fil (Log base 10)
4B: #1-6 last col (Log base a)
Wed 10/7:
4C.1: #1-7 last col (Log rules)
4C.2: #1-4 last col (Log equations)
4D.1: #1-5 pick one each (Natural log rules)
4D.2: #1-5 pick one each (Natural log equations)
QB: #2,3,4 (IB Practice)
Fri 10/9:
4E: #1cf,2cf,4,5cf,6cf,7c (More exponential equations)
4F: #1d,2c,3c,4b,5-7 (Change of base)
QB: #6,7 (IB Practice)

Some Useful Things
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 1 - Quadratics
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 2 - Functions
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 3 - Exponentials
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 4 - Logarithms

IB QB problems: Functions & Transformations
IB QB problems: Exponent and Log Practice

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