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HL1 -11/2/15

We're done with our work on the "Algebra" section and will now be moving on to a few more function ideas before digging into vectors and other things after winter break. We'll do a two part take home assessment on Monday and Wed while in class we'll be talking about sequences and series. Also note the link below with "flipping" videos. There you'll find videos on essentially every topic we cover - an excellent way to get another perspective, further insight, or make up a class you miss. I hope it helps. See you in class!
Mr. Alei

HL Year 1: Week of 11/2/2015              (Previous Week - 10/26/15)

Mon 11/2:
7A: #1d,2i,3c,4f (Sequences)
7B.1: #3h,4cd,5 (General term)
7B.2: #2,3,4 (Recurrence formulae)
Plus Take home Exam Paper 1
Wed 11/4:
7C: #4,6 (Arithmetic sequences)
7D.1: #5,7,9,10c (Geometric sequences)
7D.2: #4 (Geometric growth)
7D.3: #3,6,8 (Compound interest)
Plus Take home Exam Paper 2
Fri 11/6:
7E: #1def,2e,4,6,7 (Series)
7F: #5-13 odd (Arithmetic series)

Some Useful Things
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 1 - Quadratics
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 2 - Functions
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 3 - Exponentials
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 4 - Logarithms
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 6 - Complex numbers and polynomials
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 7 - Sequences & Series

Exploration Resources

IB QB problems: Functions & Transformations
IB QB problems: Exponent and Log Practice

All the flippin videos you'll ever need!

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