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HL1 - 11/9/15

We'll finish up with series and move right into some counting principles, in preparation for eventual work with probability. I'll also give you back your Paper 2 takehome tests to discuss on Wednesday. I won't be in class on Monday so you will have a video lesson. See you Wednesday!
Mr. Alei

HL Year 1: Week of 11/9/2015              (Previous Week - 11/2/15)

Mon 11/9: Sub - video lesson
7G.1: #2d,3,4c,6,9b,10 (Geometric series)
7G.2: #1,5,8,10,11 (Infinite Geometric Series)
Wed 11/11:
8A: #2,3,5,7,8 (Product principle)
8B: #1,2 (Counting paths)
Fri 11/13:
8C.1: #2ef,3bc,4ef,5gh,6fgh (Factorial notation)
8C.2: #1cd,2b,3 (Binomial coefficient)

Some Useful Things
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 1 - Quadratics
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 2 - Functions
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 3 - Exponentials
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 4 - Logarithms
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 6 - Complex numbers and polynomials
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 7 - Sequences & Series
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 8 - Counting and Binomial Expansion

IB QB problems: Functions & Transformations
IB QB problems: Exponent and Log Practice

All the flippin videos you'll ever need!

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