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PreDP - 11/2/15

We move on with quadratics this week - exploring their roots, graphs, and other properties. You'll notice some of the problems are labelled "QB" which is the IB Questionbank. I'll give you a copy in class or you can download it. See you in class!
Mr. Alei

Pre DP Math 1: Week of 11/2/2015             (Previous Week - 10/26/15)

Mon 11/2:
1C: #1-7 (Sum/Product Roots)
QB: #1,12,14 (IB Practice)
Wed 11/4:
1D.1: #1ef,2,3,4ef,5,6ef,7ghi,8ef (Quadratic functions)
Fri 11/6:
1D.2: #2ef (Graph from vertex form)
1D.3: #1def,2cd,3,4 (Discriminant in graphing)
QB: #4,6,15a (IB Practice)

Some Useful Things
Smartboard Quadratics notes

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