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SL1 - 1/25/16

We move on now to two variable statistics - a topic used frequently to try to determine whether two sets of data are related. Things are moving fast - we'll have the unit test on one and two variable statistics on Monday, 2/1. Be sure to ask whatever questions you have and stay on top of the HW. It's also time to really start thinking about your explorations. See lots of resources here. See you in class!
Mr. Alei

SL Year 1: Week of 1/25/2016              (Previous Week - 1/18/16)

Mon 1/25:
21A: #2-4 (Scatter Plots)
21B: #1,2,4,6 (Correlation)
Wed 1/27:
21C: #2,3 (Line of best fit)
21D: #2,3,4 (Least Squares line)
Fri 1/29:
21E: #2,4,6 (Interpolation & Extrapolation)
QB: #1-10 (2-Var Stats from MS)

Some Useful Things
Stat/Prob Unit HW plan through Spring Break
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 20 - Descriptive Statistics
Smartboard Class Notes: Ch 21 - Two Variable Statistics
SL Exploration Resources

IB Questionbank (QB) Practice and other Handouts
QB: Stats Practice (99-04)

All the flippin videos you'll ever need!

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