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PreDP - 2/1/16

We'll look at your exponent/log exams this week, finish up with our basic intro to complex numbers, and move into some vector ideas. A quiz on Wed will cover complex numbers. See you in class!
Mr. Alei

Pre DP Math 1: Week of 2/1/2016             (Previous Week - 1/25/16)

Mon 2/1: Snow Day!
So we'll pick it up tomorrow, giving us a little more time to review, then take the test on Friday.
Wed 2/3:
6B.4: #1-9 (Conjugate properties)
Fri 2/5: Complex # Quiz
You'll need to do 14A.1 for HW - shouldn't be too difficult as an intro. We'll pick things up on Monday.
14A.1: #1-3 (Vector sketches)

Some Useful Things
Smartboard Complex Number notes
Smartboard Vector notes

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