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PreDP - 4/11/16

With our background in trig solidified, we can move on to trig functions as waves - the real power begins! See you in class!
Mr. Alei

Pre DP Math 1: Week of 4/11/2016             (Previous Week - 4/4/16)

Mon 4/11:
12A: #1,2 (Periodic behavior)
Wed 4/13:
12B.1: #1-4,6 (Sin amplitude & frequency)
12B.2: #1,3,4e-j (Sin offset & phase)
Fri 4/15:
12C: #3-5 (Sine models)

Some Useful Things
Quarter 4 Homework Plan (Updated 4/4)

Smartboard Trig Function notes (Ch 10: Unit Circle, Arc Length, Sector Area)
Smartboard Trig Function notes (Ch 12: Trig functions as periodic waves)

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