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HL1 - 5/2/16

OK folks, with more trig under our belts, we'll move on to some deeper ideas with complex numbers. Things get a little hectic this week with the IB exams starting. Stay in touch here and watch your emails. See you in class!
Mr. Alei

HL Year 1: Week of 5/2/2016              (Previous Week - 4/25/16)

Mon 5/2:
16C.1: #1efgh,4def,5 (Cis form)
16C.2: #1ghi,2-5 (Properties of cis)
16C.3: #2,3a,6def (Multiply complex numbers)
16C.4: #4 (Application!)
Wed 5/4:
16D: #1-4 (Euler form)
Fri 5/6:
16E: #1,3def,4,6 (DeMoivre's theorem)

Smartboard class notes
Smartboard Class Notes - Complex numbers (Ch 16)

IB Questionbank Practice
IB Practice Problems - Complex Number 0708 & SP practice

Current plan for remainder of the year

All the flippin videos you'll ever need!

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